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Vol. 6 No. 1 (2021): Risenologi (Jurnal Sains, Teknologi, Sosial, Pendidikan, dan Bahasa)
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Tujuan dari jurnal ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kualitas penelitian, membangun inovasi, dan mempromosikan penyebaran luas hasil-hasil penelitian ilmiah yang sistematis dalam bidang multidisiplin yang luas. Jurnal ini menerima artikel berbagai bidang penelitian dan metodologi yang telah memenuhi standar untuk dipublikasikan dalam jurnal ini.


Published: 2021-04-30

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 : Risenologi
 : 2 issue/year
 : 2502-5643
 : 2720-9571
 : 10.47028 
 : Sinta 3
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 : April 2016
 : General Science

Risenologi: Jurnal Sains, Teknologi, Sosial, Pendidikan, dan Bahasa is a scientific journal published by the Kelompok Peneliti Muda, Jakarta State University. Published twice a year, April and October. The purpose of this journal is to improve the quality of research, build innovation, and promote the wide dissemination of systematic scientific research results in a broad multidisciplinary field. Since 2020, Risenologi has indexed by Science and Technology Index (Sinta 3) from the Ministry of Research and Technology Indonesia (Ranked 3) based on the Letter of Statement B/1796/E5.2/KI.02.00/2020 about journal accreditation.

Before Submission: The author must ensure that the manuscript has been prepared using an Risenology Template by following the author's guidelines. The manuscript must also be carefully corrected. Any texts that do not meet the author's guidelines, written in a different format will be immediately rejected. Manuscripts that meet the Risenology format will be further processed.

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