Language Editing Fees

Our Translator-qualified editors specialise in editing texts written by non-native English speakers. Whether you intend to send us your original research article, grant application, reviewer response letter, or even your thesis, our editors will edit your work in a way that the most important and salient points are expressed in a clear and scientific manner. Every paper we edit is checked again for errors by our in-house English proofreaders and linguists. Services from academic presses can cost IDR 100,000 or $5 for 3,000 words. They also have longer turnaround times—generally between five and six days.

  • Translator editors with expertise in your field
  • All documents welcome, from research papers to grant applications
  • Three levels of editing to suit all needs, and fast turnaround times (as short as 3 days)
  • Editing in American and British English